Lindsey Graham says lying to the FBI is no big deal. Bank robbers, kidnappers, identity thieves, your ship has come in!

I’m still shocked by Lindsey Graham’s assertion yesterday that the Manafort crime of lying to the FBI was no big deal. I realize that, for all of us, the threshold of “shock absorption” is pretty high these days, but every once in a while a person makes a statement that actually raises the question of whether or not he believes in the American system of government.

I avoided using patriotism because that word has become so meaningless that any conniving ignoramus can employ it at any time, to wit, Trump’s tweet from  last August pretty much sealed the deal:


If everyone’s favorite sadistic law-breaking lawman can be a patriot, then I think it’s time to re-examine the word’s connotation. It may no longer be a compliment. Or an insult. Or anything.

Which brings me back to Lindsey Graham. True he has occasionally spoken out against Trump, but even then, supported him him whenever Trump-backed legislation came before him. But hope does spring eternal, and since the Kool-Aid was there to be drunk, we all sipped at it: Lindsey Graham was at least sensible and aware, we said, and might even on some glorious day come down on the side of the law.

That delusion vanished yesterday.

We can no longer count on Lindsey Graham to be anything other than a stooge of the president, even when it comes to condoning law-breaking and lying. Graham’s party of zero-tolerance when it comes to reproductive rights, alternative lifestyles, and immigration, seemingly has little trouble informing its card-carrying members that lying to law-enforcement officials is pretty much okay.

I wonder if perjury is included, because if so, why is there such panic over the remotest possibility of Mueller questioning Trump? Just lie, Mr. President. Lie to the FBI. Lie to the Special Counsel. It’s all the same and all, well, not that important.

One of my FB followers commented that Graham must be in as deep with the Russians as Trump is; another thought Graham is afraid of being outed and failing to survive in the twisted dogma of South Carolina politics. If in fact Graham is gay, and worried about being ostracized, he’s in the wrong party. The Democrats would be much more accepting. But if he’s just another Russian agent, well then, do svidaniya to you and Comrade Trump.

Speaking on behalf of all Democrats—which I have no license to do—I don’t want him, gay or straight, Putin toady or flag waver. Whatever South Carolinians may feel about him, he certainly doesn’t belong in the Senate, not if his vision of the federal government and of federal law enforcement comprises nothing more than protecting all the president’s criminals from prosecution.




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