You can still order Brain Force Plus: you just can’t do it with PayPal

PayPal has cut ties with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Facebook, Twitter have eliminated accounts and YouTube cancelled his channel. Other companies have given him a wide berth.

Jones claims abridgment of his First Amendment rights, you know, the ones that gave him the right to declare the Sandy Hook murders a hoax and continue the agony of the parents of the slain children? Yeah, those rights. But Congress isn’t abridging anything: private companies are taking the lead. Then again is Facebook really private if we can all use it? You know what? Let’s find out. Let’s have Mr. Jones bring his interpretation of the First Amendment through the court system, all the way to the Supreme Court if he’d like.

In the meantime, the next major step would be for all major credit cards to refuse access for any webpage associated with Jones. (Sorry birthers and hoaxers and believers in spirit cooking we don’t take MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express. Not even Diner’s Club—it’s accepted at M/C locations.) Let’s make it so there’s only one way to pay—write a check for Brain Force Plus and send it through the mail. Or send cash. I’m okay with that.

Maybe the only positive result of this woeful presidency is Trump’s willingness to accept support from Jones—from anyone: David Duke, Richard Spencer, QAnon, etc. In doing so Trump has at first glance legitimized them, but he’s also brought them out of the shadows where everyone can witness their depravity, their degeneracy, and their hatred. We always knew they were there, but when they lived on the fringes (or in the National Enquirer), we could ignore them. Now they’ve been mainstreamed and we don’t like it. Though more than 60 million Americans voted for Trump, a much smaller number will countenance overt racism, misogyny, and in Jones’s case, sadism.

Alex Jones may not disappear—deplorables need heroes too and Jones fills the void—but these oblique economic attacks on him seem to be increasing: they may render him the first wingnut victim of the Trump presidency. Until then he’s relatively safe—further proof that Brain Force Plus probably doesn’t work.

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