Television is supposed to make you look fat; it made Kavanaugh and Graham look small

Okay everybody, raise your hand if you found that trying to fall asleep last night was similar to trying to fall asleep the night of the presidential election.

That night, some 23 months ago, we knew we were screwed for the next four years; last night the feeling was similar, but the term was different: somewhere in the vicinity of a quarter century or more.

For make no mistake: remnants from the same bolt of shabby cloth that produced the arrogant bully who occupies the White House have been hastily sewn together to make a Brett Kavanaugh, at least the one we saw yesterday—the one who asked the daughter of an admitted alcoholic father if she had a drinking problem, the one who pounded his pencil into the desk when his rage bubbled over, and the one who channeled Alex Jones in naming the Clintons as co-conspirators in Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations.

And there was more, but none of that kept me awake as much as the glaring contrast between the steady and courageous deposition of Professor Ford and the contrived and humiliating outburst of Lindsey Graham. The former validated her position as a competent and credible victim; the latter verified his as a terrified lapdog.

The contrast could not have been more graphic: a brave woman who seems to have been true to herself and her story for 36 years, followed some three hours later by a frightened man (who once called Trump a jackass and an idiot) discrediting himself and abasing what remains of his party. And Graham’s impassioned apology for Kavanaugh’s tribulations will become the benchmark for how civic leaders do not comport themselves in public, at least not sober. Or sane.

Less than three hours from now Kavanaugh himself, who displayed a temperament that would disqualify his sitting on the panel of the Miss Universe contest, let alone the Supreme Court, will be rubber-stamped and moved ahead. And even if he isn’t, his name can still be placed before the Senate by Mitch McConnell, a man whose perfidy we already know.

If by Sunday Kavanaugh has not been confirmed, then we may have another reason to be grateful for what Christine Blasey Ford accomplished yesterday, but if the worst does happen, Professor Ford will still be able to hold her head high for a longer period of time than Lindsey Graham or any of the other Republicans who, this morning, are still trying to brush the boot polish off their tongues.

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