Early observations from the lookout tower—Wednesday, November 7, 2018

It’s 10:59 a.m on the day after and, so far, no Democrat mobs have been rampaging through the streets.

It could be the worst of them are hungover from a night of celebrating the annoying of the president, or maybe they’re just gathering their sticks and torches for a concerted effort later.

Or maybe the president was lying to us when he warned that a Democrat House victory meant rioting, immigrant incursions, a market collapse, and an alien invasion when the Space Force is nowhere near ready!

But as of now, things are pretty quiet.

lookout tower
When the Democrat mobs show up, I’ll know before anybody else.

In truth, not much has changed since yesterday other than the fact that those of us crying out in the darkness have been endowed with lights; and our anger and frustration—which usually get no further than a blog or a tweet—will reach the House of Representatives where others will repeat and echo them. We’ll be, if nothing else, less alone.

But our despicable president will remain in power and continue to nettle us and embarrass us with his relentless mendacity. And remember, he’s no farther away from the nuclear football than he was yesterday. But at least there’ll be some restraints, and the spineless legislators who have turned a blind eye to every malfeasant act for the past two years will at least know that someone is not merely blogging or tweeting…but watching.

And, of course, we live in the same America.

This America:

In Chapmanville, W.Va., a hardware store worker, Chance Bradley, said he was voting Republican because Mr. Trump had made him “feel like an American again.” But Carl Blevins, a retired coal miner, voted Democratic and said he didn’t understand how anybody could support Mr. Trump “or, for that matter, the Republican candidate for Senate there, Patrick Morrisey, who went on to lose to Senator Joe Manchin.

“I think they put something in the water,” Blevins said.

Yes, that America. 

So there’s a lot to be done, but if we can keep the Democrat mobs from torching our villages and pillaging our crops, we just might make it work.

2 Replies to “Early observations from the lookout tower—Wednesday, November 7, 2018”

  1. I tend to agree with Mr. Blevins and even further as I once stated in a letter to the editor back in 2014 or 2015:

    “Any political candidate who calls her/himself a Republican must implicitly approve of GOP views on marriage equality, unbridled campaign financing by big corporations, legislation that would institutionalize discrimination against gay, lesbian and transgender individuals under the guise of religious liberty, regressive immigration legislation, the primacy of fundamentalist christian doctrine in legislation and government, “reparative” therapy for LGBT individuals, the right to bear assault weapons, and a whole litany of idiotic, insensitive and misogynistic pronouncements by a host of Republican wing-nuts including: (and here I named names and quotes, but now there are way too many to catalogue).

    The republican’t party is no longer just “conservative” – it is a party of gerrymandering, underhanded politics, deceptive propaganda (or is that redundant?) backwards thinking, conspiracy theories, anti-science, anti-LGBT, etc. etc.

    I cannot comprehend why ANYONE who is otherwise rational, would want to associate themselves with today’s republican party.

    Please enlighten me as to their rationale.

    1. We should have done better on Tuesday, considering if not the past two years, then the past two months and the assault on every minority imaginable. But in sports it’s incumbent on good teams beat the bad teams, them hold their own against the stiffer competition. I guess the Democrats did that, though they didn’t do it dramatically enough.

      As for the party of trump, they really need to be thought of as more of a club or a gang. Their platform is too fluid and volatile to be deemed meaningful, and without a platform, they have no political function other than a kind of continual self-aggrandizement as they follow their leader from one inchoate thought to the next. (The Democratic platform, weak also, at least settled on health care during the recent elections and made some progress.) All Trump requires is an unenlightened following, and our country has become the perfect petri dish for that.

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