Even under siege, Trump continues to dismantle the world we had thought we lived in.

Those of you lamenting the fact that Trump’s America seems to be wandering about alone in the world without direction, without friends, without allies… rejoice! At the recent climate talks in Poland, America proved we could play nice with others—as long as the others are Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Together these four nations issued a statement agreeing to “note” but not “welcome” the new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which placed a 2030 deadline on nations to cut fossil fuel use in order to forgo many climate dangers. Oh yes, and they officially thanked the scientists for their work before opting to ignore them.

The three countries who joined with us are major exporters of oil and gas, and their criterion were quite simple: no outside report should detract from a nations’s rights to economic stability. (Other manifestations of stability do not count.)

At pretty much the same time, Trump is preparing to alter wetlands conservation rules initiated by Bush 41. It will “help” farmers by allowing them to use pesticides that may run off into streams and rivers without actually worrying that their pesticides will run off into streams and rivers. Phew, what a relief for former worriers..

And a new report states that the Arctic, between 2014 and the present, is warmer than at any time in the modern era.

Individual states and municipalities continue to fight Trump—to buffer his attacks on clean air and water by legislating on the local level. But until he’s out of the White House, any inroads we made during the past decade of awareness will be lost on this incumbency of ignorance. Most have already been lost.

We look at the Mueller investigation and pray for punishable offenses, hoping for a resignation or impeachment. But the damage Trump is doing to the earth, to our health, and to our safety—though it breaks no rules—will do more harm for a longer period than any payoff to a prostitute, profits from a hotel, or collusion with an enemy.

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